Music of Sweden

2020-03-29 (Music) You gonna lone this booty african/swedish artisy Sabina Ddumba. Good music and sexy mines and moves i guess. You gonna love is stuff if your crazy normal.

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2019-01-29 (Music) In Sweden the lovely artist Lisa Ajax is very famous. She´s only 21 years old but have been famous for a long time. She get discover in the TV-show Swedish "Idol".

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  Published: 2020-06-12

Victoria Silverstedt -Hello Hey

2020-06-24 (Tourism) Utklippans south island at Swedens south coast is a relly amazing place. If you get there in the summer you get lucky.

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2020-06-23 (Tourism) Bohus fort is a amazing place to visit. You find it 10 km north of the big city Gothenburg. Is by the two rivers Göta and Nordre älv. Yhis is one of the oldest fort in Sweden. Be there in the summer.

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2020-06-15 (COVID-19) In Sweden we have big problem with Corona virus. Our neighbor countries have much more better statics and not many dead in COVID-19. It´s a scandal.

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2020-06-12 (Music) Listen to good Swedish god music from the model and influencer Victoria Silverstedt. She is make you happy and she is a fine Swedish woman.

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2020-06-05 (Propaganda) Sweden is split apart. Some think is police woman did the right thing but many Swedish people don´t like police doing poltic protests at work.

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2020-05-24 (Visit Sweden) Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden. Here lives about 700 000 people. Bad things is the problems with crime`s in the city. Be careful but don´t forget all the fine things in the city.

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2020-05-10 (Funny pictures) Every week at we publish new and fresh funny picture to enjoy. It´s importend to have some funny things in life to share with other people. That make life better.

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2020-05-01 (Tourism) In the Swedish city Trollhättan there is a great waterfall and very fine to see at your holiday.

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