2018-04-29 (News) The classic Swedish band have been back in the studio after 35 years and record two split new songs. The sad they enjoy it and they think the songs been good.

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2018-04-23 (Music) For a couple of days a´go the Swedish DJ-star Avicii died only 28 years old. Many gonna miss his performence and all good music he could create. Here you can see a bit of his life at Instagram.

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Published: 2018-09-22

Sator - I wanna go home

2018-10-09 (News) Today a man get stabbed to death in a shopping mall in the area of Rosengård in the city Malmö. From Rosengård is the soccer player Zlatan. Is a neighbourhood with lots of crime.

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2018-09-30 (Funny pictures) Every week at we publish new and fresh funny picture to enjoy. It´s importend to have some funny things in life to share with other people. That make life better.

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2018-09-28 (Instagram) In Sweden the longjumper Khaddi Sagnia is very popular. She is a beuatiful woman.

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2018-09-22 (Music) The Swedish punkband Sator with their old good hit "I wanna go home". This is really good music for all punk lovers. Sounds like the band Green Day.

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2018-09-20 (Tourism) If you like fine nature the mountain Hunneberg in the west of Sweden is a very good place for that. If you lucky you gonna see the animal "Moose".

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2018-09-08 (Instagram) In Sweden on the Insta the artist Lisa Ajax is very popular. She have been famous since she was 15 years old.

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2018-08-22 (Tourism) If you like caves you should visit Lummelunda cave on the island Gotland in Sweden. It´s a big cave and Gotland is a nice holiday destination.

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2018-08-15 (Tourism) If your in Sweden you can visit Scandinavia´s biggest shopping store, Gekås Ullared. It´s very popular in Sweden.

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