2018-04-27 (News) The famous Swedish DJ Avicii who died recently have big problems. Now his family given a open letter their they tell how they feel. It´s hard to he famous and handly that in a good way.

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2018-04-25 (Funny pictures) Every week at we publish new and fresh funny picture to enjoy. It´s importend to have some funny things in life to share with other people. That make life better.

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2018-04-23 (News) For a couple of days a´go the Swedish DJ-star Avicii died. Now he´s half- brother Anton Körberg talks about it.

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2018-04-20 (Music) Swedish softmetal band, Treat is our choise this week. They have played since the 80´s and still playing. Here´s a favorit. "Conspiracy", roll on suckers!

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2018-04-19 (News) As a worker welcome in Sweden? These days it´s have more difficult for people from other countries to come to Sweden and work. New harder rules?

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2018-04-17 (Tourism) If you visit Sweden and the second biggest city Gothenburg you most visit the big amusement park called Liseberg.

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2018-04-15 (News) If you have plans to visit Sweden and get to work there is several of rules who is importen to know. Here you can read about them.

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2018-04-13 (Instagram) The Swedish woman Anna Stålnacke is very famous on Instagram. She´s lovely, do you think so to!

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