We recommend good and cheep flights to Sweden. It don´t have to cost mutch to visit Sweden by areoplane. Lost of lowprice flights it´s avaliable.

Check out :

- Ryanair: Cheep fly to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Växjö. Most flight from westeurope.

- Wizzair: Cheep fly to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Most flight from easteurope and balkan countries. Very good value for the money. Good price and you can print your own boardningpass at home in your own printer.

- Norwegian airlines: Sometime really goog prices. This company fly to many airports in Sweden. So check out if you want to the north of Sweden.

- Lost of flights to Sweden with differents company. But it not so cheep, but you can choose what is best for you.

Go by bus can be good price some time. Boat also if you are in Denmark, Finland or Estonia. Train it not so cheep i Sweden. Down here we list and give information that can be very useful.


- Nettbuss: Cheep from Copenhagen to Sweden or Norway Oslo. Best price in Sweden. But you most booking your tickets before your trip.

- Swebus: Not so cheep but lots of destinations in Sweden. Biggest company.


- Stenaline: Boat to Sweden from Denmark, (Grenå- Varberg and Fredrikshavn- Gothenburg) Boat from Poland, (Gdynia- Karlskrona). Good prices.

- Tallink Silja line: Boat to Sweden from Finland, (Turku- Stockholm and Helsinki- Stockholm). Boat to Sweden from Latvia, (Riga- Stockholm). Boat to Sweden from Estonia, (Tallin- Stockholm)



- SJ: Swedish state traincompany.

- NSB: Norweigan state traincompany.

- DSB: Danish state traincompany.

2018-05-15 (Funny pictures) Every week at we publish new and fresh funny picture to enjoy. It´s importend to have some funny things in life to share with other people. That make life better.

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2018-05-13 (Instagram) In Sweden the longjumper and atletic Khaddi Sagnia is very famous on the Instagram.

- See Khaddi profile >>


2018-05-09 (Music) Little old music from the 90´s but still a very fresh sound from the siters Graaf, Magdalena and Hannah. Here with the hit "You got what i want"...

- Listen to Graaf >>


2018-05-08 (Tourism) In this summer i visit north and South Koster Islands. This two islands you find in the north of Swedens west coast near Norway. Here you can see from the boat.

- See Koster >>


2018-05-06 (Music) Soon is it Eurovision Song Contest and for Sweden Benjamin Ingrosso perfomence with "Danco you off".

- Listen to Benjamin >>


2018-05-03 (News) Thousands of immigrants in Sweden go underground after explulsion decisions. That´s a real problem in Sweden with illigal immigrants.

-


2018-04-29 (News) The Chinese company Geely Motors are now a big owner of the Swedish company Volvo Cars.

-


2018-04-27 (News) The famous Swedish DJ Avicii who died recently have big problems. Now his family given a open letter their they tell how they feel. It´s hard to he famous and handly that in a good way.

-