2018-08-15 (Tourism) If your in Sweden you can visit Scandinavia´s biggest shopping store, Gekås Ullared. It´s very popular in Sweden.

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2018-08-10 (Instagram) On the instagram in Sweden lots of girls who like traning starts account on instagram and show their body in a sexy way. Moa Selin is one of them who have been popular lately.

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2018-08-06 (Funny pictures) Every week at icedaniel.se we publish new and fresh funny picture to enjoy. It´s importend to have some funny things in life to share with other people. That make life better.

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2018-08-02 (Tourism) If you like old train you should visit Anten old train museum in Sweden. You can go with the train to Gräfsnäs.

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2018-07-27 (Music) A really summer favorit here in Sweden is Eric Prydz old hit "Call on me". The video is a really sexy fitness video and it´s make the hit even better.

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2018-07-24 (Tourism) In the summer in Sweden the west coast is very popular to visit. One of the best destinations is the island called Smögen. It´s unique and amazing.

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2018-07-17 (News) The unemployment went down to 6,8% in May. It´s not so hard to get a job in Sweden these days.

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2018-07-11 (Tourism) In the town Trollhättan you find a big waterfall. In 20-22 of the July their is a festival in the city called "Fallens dagar". It´s good to visit the city these days.

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